Blue Dream Caves Boat Dive

Suggested Level

Minimum Level Open Water Diver – Cavern Diver.

Depths & Currents

The average depth is about 12 meters without any currents. Depth of interest is between 5 and 18 meters. Maximum depth is approximately 20 meters.

Visibility & Temperature

Visibility reaches from 10 up to 25 meters. Temperature ranges from 17 to 26 Celsius, depending on season.

Dive Type & Marin Life

Boat dive at 2 Caves where you can see White Seabream, Golden Grouper, Damselfish, Dusky Grouper, Octopus, Dolphins.

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For more information alternatively contact us by phone at +30 694 44 31 727 or at +30 697 36 90 413.

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